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    This is the portfolio website for Amanda Mananda. Below, you'll find a quick synopsis of the mediums and areas that I work in — followed by a compendium of my completed digital artwork (both personal and professional). Also, just for fun, there are eight maple leaf "easter eggs" that appear on this page — two in plain sight and six that are hidden. Find them, if you can!

    For up-to-date content and high-resolution downloads, please visit my social media pages — and be sure to share what you enjoy with your own followers! Also, to purchase one of my t-shirts, visit my Shirt.Woot catalog. Thanks, and have a happy.

Vector Designs

Meticulously-crafted and resolution-independent (e.g. fully-scalable) vector graphics created in Adobe Illustrator.

T-Shirt Graphics

Screen-printable t-shirt illustrations with halftone detail and accurate color separations.

Icons & Logos

Crisp icon and logo work — made from scratch or faithfully recreated from supplied source material.     

Printed Layout

Posters, pamphlets, fliers, playbills, and other printed material for advertising and marketing purposes.